Senior Aircraft Systems Analyst / Technical Engineering Writer

Dee Howard Company, San Antonio, Texas
06/92 - 01/93

Operations, Systems and Maintenance Manuals, (FAA Contract)

  • Developed and maintained all DHC Thrust Reverser component/depot level maintenance manuals for the following aircraft:  Lear 20, 30;  Falcon 20, 2000;  Jet Commander;  727QF;  BAC 1-11;  BAe 125; and Citation aircraft. 
  • Developed new and modified existing aircraft systems, operations and maintenance manuals IAW FAA Standard ATA-100 for UPS (United Parcel Service) Boeing 727-100QF (Quiet Freighter) contract.
  • Developed new aircraft systems, operations and maintenance manuals IAW FAA Standard ATA-100 for the Italian Air Force's Boeing 707 Tanker/Air Command Post conversion. 
  • Responsible for researching and integrating Alenia/Dee Howard engineering, Rolls Royce TAY engine modification information including Collins EFIS System Glass Cockpit modifications into crew systems & operations manuals, and mechanic maintenance manuals. 
  • Developed unique and standard maintenance requirements such as system descriptive information, operational requirements, adjustment and testing, troubleshooting/fault diagnostics, and removal and installation procedures.
  • Assisted in developing aircrew systems technical manuals. 
  • Proficient in avionics, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatics and fuel systems. 
  • Provided product engineering support and maintenance engineering to customer and vendors for all aircraft systems specializing in aircraft electrical and avionics systems. 
  • Designed and developed in-line troubleshooting/test equipment with operational instructions for Dee Howard aircraft thrust reverser systems. 
  • Supported DHC A/C test personnel with unusual thrust reverser malfunctions. 

Test Equipment Design and Technical Documentation Support Services
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