Cincinnati Gear Company, Cincinnati, Ohio
01/91 - 06/92

Senior Logistics Engineer - LSA / ILS Engineering Group

Naval LCAC Ship Gearbox Supportability - (NAVSEA Contract)
  • Designed and implemented a Depot level repair program for Cincinnati Gear in support of U.S. Navy LCAC (Landing Craft, Air Cushion) gearbox overhaul program. 
  • Responsible for developing a positive tool control program, a bench stock control program, a spare parts inventory control program, and an overhaul standardized process control program to support existing contract requirements. 
  • Utilized provisioning documentation, field failure reports, and reliability and maintainability records to project present and future spare part requirements. 

Naval AOE-6 Ship Gearbox Supportability - (NAVSEA Contract)
  • Performed Logistics Support Analysis and Integrated Logistics Support activities for AOE Fast Combat Support Ship - Reversing Reduction Gear (RRG). 
  • Perform support and follow through of all Contract Data Requirements (CDRLs). 
  • Developed RRG Maintenance Manual, Crew Systems and Operations Manuals IAW NAVSEA TMCR NDMS-840193-014.
  • Developed Functional Group Code (FGC) assignment.
  • Developed provisioning documentation (PPL's) IAW MIL-STD-1388-2A.
  • Generated preventative maintenance schedules and procedures (PMS). 
  • Developed corrective maintenance associated with RRG repair such as:  maintenance procedures, level of repair analysis, manpower quantities, tools/special tools, test equipment, repair times and warnings/cautions for O, I and D levels of maintenance; 
  • Created production process control procedures such as:  product build-up instructions, special training requirements, and testing procedures. 
  • Designed automated shipping procedures and coordinated all preservation, packaging, shipping, and receiving activities IAW MIL-P-116J, MIL-T-17286D and MIL-STD-129K for over $10,000,000 in military merchandise for the Navy's AOE-6 Fast Combat Support Ship Gearbox delivery (Cincinnati to San Diego). 
  • Reviewed electrical, mechanical and hydraulic vendor components and identify any reliability or maintainability concerns and purpose possible solutions to design engineering.
  • Participated in RRG system testing, Technical Manual (TM) in-process reviews, validations, and RRG program reviews. 
  • Designed and implemented a configuration control system for tracking EPDs, ECPs, ECOs, PCOs, CIDs.
  • Developed commercial systems, operations, and maintenance manuals for MA-107 Marine Reduction Gears, used ATA-100 as a functional baseline.
LSA / ILS Engineering Support
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