General Electric Aircraft Engines, Cincinnati, Ohio
03/89 - 01/91

Reliability Engineering, Continous Improvement Process (CIP)

Aircraft Engines - (USAF and Navy Contract)
  • Technical Analyst - Continuous Improvement Process Team #6, (AFTC). 
  • Developed and prepared Failure Modes and Affects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA);  Failure Rate Analysis;  Functional Indenture Tree Breakdown;  Functional Block Diagrams.
  • Performed reliability analysis IAW MIL-STD-1629A, MIL-STD-217E, MIL-STD-1388-2A (B sheets) for Digital Engine Control system on F110-129, F118-100 and CFM56-5C engines.
  • Prepared reliability trade study for F120 test cell overspeed protection, for Development Engine Test.

Logistics Engineering (Controls & Accessories)

Aircraft Engines - (USAF and Navy Contract)
  • Developed Operations, Systems and Maintenance Requirements (A sheets), RAM (B sheets), Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA) (D, D1 sheets), SM&R Code Analysis, Maintenance Task Summary (C sheets), Special Tool Requirements (E sheets), Support Items Documentation (H, H1), and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM). 
  • Prepared EPD, ECP, RDC, ECO maintenance impact analysis. 
  • Logistics Support Analysis performed IAW MIL-STD-1388-1A, 2A, & 2B on all electrical, fuel and lube system components for F110-100, F110-129, and F110-400 engine programs. 
  • Developed and prepared functional testability predictions on electrical/mechanical fuel and lube system components for Navy Advanced Tactical Fighter (NATF) F120 program.

Development Engine Test

(Military/Commercial Engine Contract)
  • Engines tested:  F110-129, F110-100, F101-100, YF-120, -80 core, and CFM56-5A
  • Prepared/setup/operated engine & facility for testing IAW engineering test plan and applicable blue prints in both sea-level and altitude test facilities.
  • Troubleshot, removed, and installed all slave equipment such as: wire harnesses, vibration monitors, flow meters, transducers, position indicators, thermocouples, heated fuel systems, waterbrake systems, and telemetry systems.
  • Operated/troubleshot logistics support system in conjunction with a Data General Nova 840 computer to track engine health and facility conditions.
  • Utilized real time Computerized Engine Control Console during engine test operation to monitor the following seven engine and facility parameters:  pressure, temperature, position, vibration, flow, speed, and thrust.
  • Familiar with Altitude Test Facility (ATF) operations and procedures.
  • Modified computer software operation by adjusting configuration parameters to fit a given engine.
  • Developed a detailed positive tool control program for Development Engine Test and designed a prototype system to better ensure compliance to existing military standards.

Aircraft Engine - Engineering Support
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Typical Development Engine Test Cell
Utilized GE's YF-120 Developmental Engines